About Me

Matthew Carroll St. Louis Cardinals has been a Wealth Advisor at J.P. Morgan Wealth Management in Philadelphia since December 2018. As a very successful financial advisor, he says that his years of experience in the fast-paced world of sports administration have helped him help clients reach their goals. Carroll was a manager for 12 years in Major League Baseball. He spent seven of those years with the Atlanta Braves and five of those years with the St. Louis Cardinals. He was involved in every part of the business, like getting players, building teams, scouting, and managing relationships.

During his time in professional sports, Carroll showed that he could make connections and develop them into solid, long-lasting relationships. He also improved at bringing in new business, running projects, and making financial decisions. Carroll is great at his job because he pays close attention to every detail and has excellent communication skills. This helps him work well with a wide range of investors at all levels. He takes the time to learn about the goals of each client, so he can help them make a plan to reach their goals.

Current Role & Duties

Carroll helps his high-net-worth clients come up with plans for investing and planning their wealth. Carroll walks his athlete clients through every step of building wealth, starting with the recruitment process. He takes care of his clients off the field by offering them personalized concierge services. As part of these services, he helps his clients make partnerships with agencies, coaches, and training facilities that are good for them. He keeps an eye on his client's long-term and short-term investments to ensure they stick to the plan he made for them.

Matthew Carroll St. Louis Cardinals background is unusual for a financial advisor, but his work with top executives in other fields matches what he learned as an elite athlete. He knows how rushed an athlete might feel when an injury could end their career too soon. When the stock market and corporate boards can change on a whim, executives at the top of their pay scale may feel the same pressure. Matthew can help clients reach important goals like making sure their assets and debts are in balance, getting ready for retirement, and passing on wealth to the next generation.

Carroll works hard to find new clients who could benefit from his knowledge and experience. Taking care of his current clients is essential to him, but he also works hard to find new clients. He finds new clients by prospecting and getting referrals. Carroll's custom presentations and high standards for performance help him show potential clients how well he will take care of their financial futures. He knows that the best compliment his clients can give is to tell their business and personal contacts about him, and he treats that as a sacred trust.


Carroll earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in Business Administration from Penn State University in 2005. In his current job as a Wealth Advisor, he went to school to learn more. Carroll shows that he cares about his clients by keeping several licenses and certifications that are highly sought after, such as the FINRA SIE/Series 6 license, the FINRA Series 7 license, and the NASAA Series 66 license.


Matthew Carroll St. Louis Cardinals had done many impressive things in his life, some dating back to when he was in college. He went to the University of Maryland in College Park because he got a scholarship to play baseball there. Later, he moved to Pennsylvania State University, where he played at the tough Division 1 level for four years. He earned four varsity letters and was team captain his senior year. Carroll also got a lot of awards and scholarships for his academic work. Caroll went to the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau Scout School in 2006 after he graduated from college. He was the best in his class.

Carroll is very proud of two things he has done for Major League Baseball. In 2006, when the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series, he was part of the team that ran the team's business. In 2010, Carroll left St. Louis and became the Special Assistant to General Manager for the Atlanta Braves. At the time, Major League Baseball's youngest player to hold that title was Carroll of the Atlanta Braves.

Charitable Involvement

Matthew is proud of the good things he does for the community. He often gives his time, skills, and money to causes that are important to him. His favourite causes are the Tony LaRussa Animal Rescue Foundation and the Phillies Festival, held yearly to raise money for ALS. Carroll also helped set up a 5k run to fund ovarian cancer research.

Interests of one's own

Carroll works hard for his clients, but he also likes to relax now and then. Carroll 's favourite thing to do when he's not at work is spend time with his wife, Ali, and son, Colin, at their home in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. When he has some free time, he likes to go fishing and snow skiing. During vacations, people often go to the beach with their family and friends. Carroll likes to keep himself busy at work and in his personal life.


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